Control Freaks Unite!

Cheryl Cran is a great friend and colleague of mine. She is an expert leadership consultant and I rely on her to help me and my clients with the toughest leadership issues. You should read her new book The Control Freak Revolution”! Look at what others are saying:

The Control Freak Revolution is THE book that will show you how to take positive control of yourself, your life and your leadership. The secret to life is to choose what we can control and then take action to achieve what we want.” Joe Vitale, author of “Zero Limits”, “The Attractor Factor” and contributor to “The Secret”

“The Control Freak Revolution is a must buy, must read and must put into action book. The ideas and concepts of how to use positive control for greater results is a message that everyone needs. You will learn from Cheryl. I do.” Dr. Peter Legge LLD (HON) CSP CPAE HoF CEO, Canada Wide Magazines

“The Control Freak Revolution is a must read, must put into action, must pass on book. If every leader had this book BEFORE they started it would have saved so much time and effort. If you are a leader or aspiring to be a leader this book needs to be read, underlined and kept nearby.” Randy Sebastian CEO Renaissance Development Corporation
There is hope for me yet!