"Colleen – how can I get more referrals?"

This is the most common question I get when conducting prospecting workshops. My most common answer is: “What have you done to deserve more referrals?”

Referrals are the most powerful tool in any sales personal arsenal. A referred prospect is much more likely to be ready to listen to you, trust what you say and ultimately to buy from you. Referrals make your job easier, and help you sell more with less effort and in less time. What else could any sales person ask for?

If you want to increase your referral rate, however, you have to start not by looking to your existing customers, but by asking yourself a number of questions about how you conduct business on a daily basis. The most important question is: How likeable are you?

Here is a quick test to help you decide whether you referrals:

1) Do you do what you said you were going to do?
2) Do you show up on time ..always?
3) Do you complete every task you start…fully?
4) Are you gracious – do you thank people everyday for their time, efforts and help?
5) Are you polite? – Do you say please.

If people like you, they will think you referrals. Its as simple as that. Sadly the majortiy of sales people are not likeable. For more on how to be likeable and increase referrals visit the Engage Selling Article Archive

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