Colleen 1, her appendix 0

Sorry that I have been out of touch this week. Last weekend I suffered a major appendix attack and had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. Suffice it to say it was a surprise to all of us… as appendicitis always is! So I have spent the week relaxing and healing at home with the help of some serious pain killers, lots of sleep, a warm dog at my feet and a doting husband. Back at the office Casey has been doing an amazing job holding down the fort, fielding calls and answering your emails!

So what causes appendicitis? As the good Dr’s told me, “No one knows. There is nothing you did that caused it and nothing you could have done to stop it.” Well, with that being said, it can strike anyone at anytime. And trust me, should you ever feel severe sharp pain in your stomach – the kind that feels like Mike Tyson is repeatedly punching you, with both fists – don’t go to bed thinking its just the flu. Go to the hospital right away!

Its Friday now, the surgery was Monday, and I am almost back to full strength. I feel much better although for a while, I think its best to stay away from my karate classes. It’s a long weekend in Canada, our Thanksgiving, so I have 3 extra days to recuperate. You can expect to see Engage back in full throttle on Tuesday.

Thanks for your support and kind words this week. It’s been wonderful and uplifting to hear from you. Casey an I appreciate your patience as we work though the backlog of emails and calls and I promise to be back in touch ASAP.

I look forward to having you on our October Web class this month – it will be awesome! Our topic is closing which always brings out a huge crowd with lots of questions and great interaction. Casey will send out an invitation in the next week or so, so be sure to look for it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians

Cheers, Colleen