Clean Up Your “Dogs”

Dog walking in Ottawa in April can only mean one thing. A very muddy dog! As a result Conrad gets his fair share of spring cleaning baths in the Spring! Good thing he doesn’t mind it much.

I’ve been in the mood to do a massive spring cleaning around the house to. Getting rid of stuff I haven’t used/worn in years, broken furniture and planters, magazines I have not looked at since (gulp) 2003! All time to go. Items that have been sitting around with no use for this long are simply a waste of space and energy. Besides, when you get rid of the old and worthless you allow space for the new and valuable.

Like we do our home, you should also give your sales business a spring cleaning.  Start with your pipeline. Do you have stagnant leads clogging your sales pipeline? Leads that have not moved to the next step action in 6 months or more? Business cards that have been sitting on your desk for a year with no call or follow up? Leads that refuse to call you back? Maybe it’s time to let them go and make room for new opportunities.

Next, look closely at your clients. Do you have clients that are not profitable? Clients who demand service on products you don’t offer? Clients whose demands are unreasonable? Perhaps it’s time to move them out of your business too. Fire or demote them. Either way, Spring is a great time to unclutter your business to make room for new and more profitable opportunities.

Dedicated to Making this your best Year Yet!




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