My Favorite Airport’s Biggest Mistakes

Landing at Sunset 0962 I often find myself in the Charlotte airport for its easy connections on US Air from Miami. The fact that the the airport has great natural light, is equipped with spacious and clean bathrooms, and not to mention has terminals that are easy to navigate to, makes my experience there a delight. Believe it or not, there’s even a pianist in the center court…a nice touch!

However the airport is beginning to lose a bit of its appeal, there’s one old tradition still in place that repels me as a traveler and as a business woman.

The bathroom attendants.

It’s not necessarily the attendants themselves, but the fact that these employees are working only for tips in the airport bathroom. Placing these attendants in the bathrooms creates quite a bit of discomfort for tourists and business travelers alike. If I were to make a guess, they are the only unpaid employees in the airport.

Take Angie in Terminal B for example. She’s a lovely attendant who sings, wishes you a good day and generally adds a little more positivity to your travel experience, she even passes out mints! Angie does a fantastic job, she looks after her visitors and keeps the bathroom clean and tidy. I feel as though she is deserving of the same type of compensation the rest of the employees enjoy.

Two basic business strategies are being missed by the airport: Treat your employees fairly and don’t make your product uncomfortable to use. ← Click To Tweet

How do you ensure your employees are being treated fairly?