Change or Die

I’ve noticed recently that many people find it easier to complain than to change. Not surprisingly, these are not the people in the top 10%.

Complaining rather than changing is deadly in in traditional business such as the banking, investment, and manufacturing where 90% of companies think they know everything. I believe that every 18-24 months we all should e reinventing our businesses to meet the new demands of the marketplace. We operate in a global economy and change is inevitable. The products and services that were relevant in the past are relics today. Products and sales tools that once were very profitable and effective may now simply be irrelevant. If you are complaining rather than changing, you might be one of those relics!

Change is inevitable. And, as a retired US Colonel once said, if you don’t like change, you will like irrelevance even less.

I would bet that your clients are changing the way they do business, and they way they buy. How are you changing to meet the demands of your clients?

Dedicated to increasing your sales
~ Colleen