Buyers are Busier than Ever: What to Do | Sales Strategies

We’re finding that buyers are limiting contact with sellers to manage their time. In fact, Jill Konrath put it best when she said, “buyers are busy and long-term planning is sometimes only a few weeks.”

Your buyers are ready to buy, so you need to be ready for them to buy now.  How do we manage this as sellers?

First, we have to be available when they’re ready to buy. If you remember, I did a video just like this on how 75% of the business is going to the first responder, so you need to be ready to respond first and respond quickly.

Next, you’ve got to be easy to find. Buyers have to be able to easily find you so that when they’re ready to buy, they know how to contact you. That means you need to exploit all the social media channels, association channels, web channels and of course, all the physical channels that you can to stay in front of those buyers.

So when your buyers are ready to buy, you’ll be ready to respond and they’ll know exactly how to find you.