Build a Connection!

March25Refresh You offer a great service and haven’t received any complaints. Yet, you still feel a void between yourself and your client.

Emails and calls are short and to the point, and you may even feel anxious about your client ending the business relationship unexpectedly. You never really know where you stand with your client, professionally and personally.

Have you felt like this before? Many salespeople and business owners have.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. What truly defines a great salesperson isn’t what happens during the sales process, but what happens afterwards.

Too many salespeople close deals and then do nothing to maintain the relationship with the client. Customers are still human beings. Whether it’s professionally or personally, all of us have a strong desire to connect with other people. When you don’t feed this desire, an emotional disconnect is the result.

If you want your customer to spend more and do business with you more often, the goal should be to create an emotional connection. <– Click To Tweet

Here are a few tips on getting started with creating this type of connection with your clients:

1. Listen

There is no better way to get to know someone than to listen to what they have to say. People love talking about themselves. The more you allow them to express themselves and open up to you, the more they will. When you demonstrate an inability to listen, you push your clients away and make it difficult for them to want to connect with you.

2. Tell Stories

Just because you’re a listener doesn’t mean you can’t share your story.

When you share deeper details about yourself, it humanizes you and your work. Others begin to realize from your own experiences how much they have in common with you. They have no choice but to connect with you when they begin to relate to you and your story.

3. Say Thank You

Take every opportunity to express gratitude to your customers. Do so by sending cards, small gifts, or treating them to lunch.

Never stop building rapport with your client after making a sale. If you aren’t moving forward with your client, you’re moving backwards!

What’s the number one way you connect with your clients?

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