Bringing Your Organization Together for Accelerated Sales Growth

You cannot create accelerated sales growth if your company operates with departmental silos. Here are five tips to break down the silos, bring your company together, and surge past your competitors.

  1. Have marketing teams and sales teams work together (yes together, not apart!) to transform product “features and benefits” into “client results and testimonials.”
  2. Communicate wins internally, to ensure that the entire company is aware of high-profile clients. This will ensure everyone in the company sees clearly how their hard work is contributing to client success. They will feel part of something bigger than just “work” and as such will be more inspired and enthusiastic about their daily contributions.
  3. Insist that sales operations data be included in key decisions, allowing sellers to make decisions based on data, not on gut. While you are at it, create a marketing operations role to work alongside sales operations to ensure marketing and sales data are in sync.
  4. Be sure that proposal writing is a team effort. You should consider building a proposal team that includes sellers, managers, product development, marketing and support. Perhaps even include the client! Doing so will ensure your proposals are in perfect alignment with the customer’s objectives, and you will close more quickly.
  5. Have research and product development work together with sales and meet customers directly, ensuring that product enhancement and new releases are in alignment with what the clients need. Here’s a true (and pathetic) story: I once sat in on a sales meeting where the sales team and development teams were fighting about “what the customer really wanted.” The development team had not talked to the customer in over 12 months because the sales team didn’t think they could add value to the discussion. This company had not made the new sale in more than six months!

Sales cannot create accelerated growth on their own, nor can they grow with resistance from other departments. Only when you break down the silos and open up communication between every department can your company really soar!


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