Break Out Of The Slump!

Business graph down Have you noticed a recent downward trend in your sales? Has one bad month turned into two, three or four more in a row? Do you feel as though strategies that were once efficient and successful are now yielding poor results?

Let’s face it – sales results can sometimes fluctuate due to external factors. While some salespeople will blame and accept these external factors and allow them to control their destinies, the successful sales leader will find ways to break out of a slump regardless of other variables.

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Here are many ways you can increase sales to help you break out of a slump:

  1. Make 5 more calls than you normally do. Working just a little harder often improves results in a big way.
  2. Target markets with money. Stop trying to sell to broke markets.
  3. Revamp your products and offerings to match what clients want right now in your market.
  4. Have a referral blitz where you ask your best clients for referrals to your best prospects.
  5. Host seminars in your markets to attract new buyers.
  6. Generate leads using targeted direct mail.
  7. Host a webinar or a series of webinars for an association with members that are your target audience.
  8. Write articles for your association’s newsletters.
  9. Present a new way to engage with your products – bundles, smaller, or bigger packages that can attract different buyers.
  10. Have a sales contest for your team. Friendly competitions can often supercharge salespeople to perform at their best.
  11. Have an old client reactivation campaign. Call all the clients who you have not done business with recently.
  12. Have an upgrade campaign. Allow your clients to upgrade to a newer version at a discounted one time offer.
  13. Take your manager out to sell with you for coaching ideas so you can improve your results.
  14. Use testimonials as proof that you’re an expert in your field.

If you implement just some of these tips, you can expect to see a boost in your sales results. The key is to move forward and improve yourself despite external factors or variables that may be hindering your progress. With this type of mindset, you’ll be able to break out of sales slumps and begin creating sales success once again!

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