Book Recommendation: Getting Things Done

I am always disappointed in the number of people who actually take me up on my suggested reading but I should not be surprised. Studies show that less than 20% of all sales people have spent even $20 of their own money on sales education over the course of their careers. Compare this to Tiger Woods who experts estimate spends over #2 million dollars per year, of his own money on his coaches and you will soon see why Tiger is…well Tiger, and 80% of sales people are mediocre at best! Congratulations to you though – you ate investing in your success and that makes me very very proud of you. Off my soap box and back to this months book recommendation: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It’s a terrific book and I wanted to share a few extracts with you. Here are 4 ways to help ensure you don’t forget all those pesky details your clients have asked for throughout the day:

  1. Send yourself voice mails from the road so when you go back to the office you can listen to them
  2. Keep a Dictaphone with you at all times. Record little notes and go over them when you are back in the office. I saw a fellow on the plan last week doing this exact thing…
  3. Send yourself text messages via your cell phone so they are always stores and ready for use
  4. Try This is a service that transcribes your voice mails and delivers them as email to you.

If you have not already picked up the book. Do so today. We have it in our resource centre at….. if you are looking for a copy.

Read – it will increase your wealth!