Becoming an Efficient Seller in Today’s Marketplace | Sales Strategies


Using technology will make you a more effective and efficient seller in today’s marketplace. In fact, it can make your entire organization more profitable. And there are three main reasons for this.

3 Reasons Technology Will Help You Become a More Efficient Seller

1. Buyers Are Demanding It

Buyers are demanding the use of technology when it comes to communication. They’re running out of time and interest seeing you in person. In fact, Gartner finds that 43 percent of buyers right now want a seller-less experience. Although buyers in today’s market won’t fully get a seller-less experience, you can still help bridge that by using technology to communicate with them. Utilize video, audio, and email. It doesn’t always have to be a face-to-face selling environment!

2. Profitability Gains 

By staying in your office using video and not flying across the country, you can be more profitable. There’s less expense in selling, making your company and  departments more profitable. Additionally, there’s profitability in your time. Just think about how much more you can get done in a day if you’re not driving or flying around to see your customers. Time wise, we estimate that it’s about 25 percent more effective to stay in your office and use technology.

3. Embrace Inside Selling

You need to embrace inside selling because its technology can help make you more efficient. I always think about my CRM as an extra brain sitting beside me so I don’t have to remember everything. I can manage more opportunities, more people, and more complex discussions.

Inside selling indeed helps! It helps improve your company and profitability, giving you time back to either spend with more customers or pursue another task. It also helps you manage a more and increasingly complex selling environment. So, why would you not want to embrace inside selling?

If you want to be a more effective and efficient seller in today’s marketplace, use and leverage technology. Buyers are demanding it, you’ll be more profitable, and inside selling will help you be more efficient.