Client Gift Giving Confusion

This is one season that can cause a lot of confusion for many salespeople.

No – not confusion with their sales, but with the idea of giving gifts to their clients.

  • “What should I buy my clients?”
  • “Can I give them gifts?”
  • “Should I even acknowledge them during the Christmas season?”

Do any of these questions sound familiar? You’ve probably asked them at some point…either out loud or to yourself!

Especially with the big day being exactly one week away, salespeople are likely growing frantic as we approach the tail end of the Holiday shopping season.

If you want to eliminate the confusion behind whether or not a company can accept a gift, the solution is simple…just ask! Clarify their policies and regulations for accepting gifts. If a certain organization does notaccept gifts, you can offer to take your client out for a Holiday coffee or meal. If this is off limits as well, just write them a card. At the very least, they’ll appreciate the gesture and acknowledgement during the Holidays!

If your client’s organization does accept gifts, try avoiding generic gifts. Not everyone wants a box of chocolates or a gift card.

I have a client that sends 200 egg rolls to his customer so that the company can enjoy lunch on him. It’s a personal gesture that is well received by the entire organization. It’s not necessarily the size of the gift itself but the unique and personal meaning behind it that delivers results.

If you’re a sales leader, consider allocating a budget dedicated to your sales reps for Holiday gift giving. It’s money well spent as the right gift works magic with building rapport with your clients and developing healthy, long term relationships. Remember to recommend to your reps that unique gifts, specific to each client, create the best responses from your customers.

Also, whether you’re in a leadership position or not, don’t forget to acknowledge your own sales team and colleagues. This season is a wonderful time to reflect on the successes and wins of 2015 and provide positive feedback to each individual member on your team.

What’s one unique gift you’re giving out this year?