Are your Sales Presentations "Snoozers"?

Presentations Magazine reports that Infommersion (the makers of data-visualization software) conducted an online poll of 382 business managers about staying awake during presentations. The results? Seventy-one percent of those surveyed have fallen asleep or nodded off a bit during a presentation, and 43% have seen others nod off.

The most difficult types of presentations to remain fully awake?

  • Individual speeches 35%;
  • Training sessions 23%,
  • General meetings 16%.

Here’s the lesson: Fifty-one percent said the most important ingredient to keeping participants awake was “an animated and enthusiastic” speaker, followed by 36% saying “interesting and interactive.” The findings aren’t surprising, but they remind us of our need for passion and energy in our presentations.

They easiest way to ensure your clients are not falling alseep during your presentations is to engage them in the presentation. Ask them questions, get them talking, have them ask you questions. If they are participating, they can’t be asleep!

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