Are You Ready to Stop Cold Calling?

Do you ever wish your prospects would approach you first, asking for your assistance? Or that qualified contacts would take your call without hounding them? I know many of our clients do!

We’ve all been there. Finding new, interested prospects is tough, especially with all your competitors vying for their time. I would say that most of the time the clients we work with hate this work -and will do anything to avoid it! That’s not great for your pipeline though.

To get the new clients you need, my good friend and colleague Kendra Lee recommends that you get out of the prospecting rut every other sales person is in, and use prospect attraction strategies that qualified contacts will really notice – personal, digital, and collaborative strategies.

To help you, Kendra’s written a masterful book, The Sales Magnet to guide you through filling your pipeline with new, interested buyers and real opportunities. In it, she shares step-by-step how to reach your ideal contacts using approaches that work best for you and that your prospects will notice. She’s included a multitude of tips and tools to create a steady rush of new opportunities.

Top new business development sales people go beyond cold calling. Take the Stop Cold Calling Quiz and see if you’re ready.

If you are tired of staring at an empty sales pipelines or working with the wrong type of prospects, The Sales Magnet will get your sales jump started in the right direction.

Read the first chapters now and test if you can stop cold calling here.

Dedicated to making this your best year yet!


P.S. When you buy the book, make sure to read “Chapter 5: Connect Your Efforts” at least twice. It will change how you approach prospects forever, and significantly multiply your lead generation results. Check out The Sales Magnet now.