Are You Ready for Game Day?

MDRT Janet

I have not had much time to explore Kuala Lumpur on this trip as the preparation, jet lag recovery and rehearsal time for Million Dollar Round Table has been intense. There are 5100 people from all over the world attending the conference and I am kicking it off today at 2:45 local time!

What I have seen is impressive. KL is a modern city with a diversity of cultures all living harmoniously.

Here are a few things that have stood out to me:

  • I have been enjoying the 5 times daily call to prayer from the mosques as a gentle reminder that reflection and stillness throughout the day are required for health.
  • Service levels are beyond extraordinary. The staff at the Grand Hyatt are well trained and genuine in their desire to help, regardless of the request.
  • MDRT is the most extraordinary association I have worked with. Their level of professionalism and care with speakers, attendees, and the event in general far exceed the best in class. The picture above is with Janet, my escort for rehearsal day.

My big sales message from this trip so far is a personal one. Just when you think you don’t need to learn anything….think again!

While I have keynoted many times, nothing has ever prepared me for the sheer size and the stage set up for this conference.

Truth be told, I was irritated when the client insisted on a mandatory rehearsal. After all, didn’t they know they were dealing with a professional?  Even during the rehearsal, while the staging director was coaching me on where to look and what to watch out for, the voice in my mind said  “yeah yeah…been there done that.”

That’s when I took to the stage.

Walking out for the first time, I froze. Completely disoriented.

The stage is a long runway, with the audience on both sides. There are 4 cameras (rather than the normal 2) and 4 double sided i-mag screens, making it difficult to know where to look.  Seeing the stage was one thing, but being on it? That was a whole different ballgame.

I’m used to walking right to the end of the stage, stopping dead center and addressing the audience from that point. Had I done that on this stage, I would be facing the band, with my back to audience on both sides. Not a great view for anyone!

After what felt like an eternity, I apologized, yelled cut and asked to start over.  I rehearsed my entrance twice more,  picking the right spot to stop and the right site lines for my opening. Looking back, I’m quite glad I didn’t enter this stage for the first time on the big show.

I’m a pro like you. But that doesn’t give us an excuse to assume we know it all. Growth comes from learning new things. Be open to coaching and practicing and it will ensure you have the best successes when you need it most.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,



PS: Stay tuned for my “game day” results from the big show and some highlights of KL!