Are You Lacking Consistency?

Be honest, is your sales team, or are you lacking consistency?

One of the most underrated concepts when it comes to growing sales is this idea of consistency.

Any endeavor in life, but especially sales, requires a high degree of consistency in order to create success, not to mention maintaining and growing it!

Think about it:

  • You will not get into shape unless you’re consistent with working out and eating right.
  • You will not learn a new language unless you’re consistent with practicing and speaking it.
  • You will not have a successful relationship unless you consistently speak and communicate with your partner.
  • You will not keep your lawn maintained unless you’re consistent with mowing it.

This idea of consistency penetrates virtually every area of life that requires creating some sort of “result.”

Why then, do sellers believe they can be inconsistent and also create sales results?

  • How many blogs on the internet have one or two entries and were never again updated?
  • How many podcasts have a few episodes and were abandoned shortly after?
  • How many leads get contacted once and never again?
  • How many hours of prospecting have been brushed aside?
  • How many hours of coaching or development have been postponed or cancelled?

Here’s the common thread in each of the above – nothing. That’s right, nothing.

Nothing came out of the blog or podcast that was never sustained, or the lead that, for all we know, was ready to buy had the seller followed up once more, or the leads that could’ve been generated if prospecting was consistent, or the performance that could’ve been created if coaching was conducted regularly.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make, if you commit to something, whether it’s prospecting, or following up, or coaching someone on your team, or asking for a referral, or asking for a testimonial, it’s never good enough to do it once or twice and then forget about it.

Just like we can’t expect to get into the best shape of our lives by going to the gym once or twice, we also can’t expect to create and grow our sales by being inconsistent in how we show up.

Take a few moments, and ask your team to do the same, to be honest about how many things they should be consistent with, and how many of those things they actually are consistent with.

My prediction?

The sellers on your team who are successful will also have a degree of consistency associated with the work they do. And, the ones who aren’t, will more often than not be inconsistent.

This isn’t a coincidence.

It’s a universal aspect of creating success in our lives.