Make Yourself Interesting!

Interest - sign series for business / finance terms.It goes without saying, but the more interesting you are, the more clients and prospects will want to engage with you.

To be clear, being interesting doesn’t simply mean having the best stories on a Monday morning after a busy weekend. But, you don’t have to start jumping out of airplanes or start setting world records to be interesting.

Being interesting is about connecting with interesting people, having interesting ideas and most importantly…being interested in others. If we aren’t showing interest in others, we are eliminating a great opportunity for people to find us interesting because interest is reciprocal. 

The more interested you are in others, the more interesting you are to others. The more interesting you are to others, the more they will buy from you and stay loyal. <– Click To Tweet

Find ways to showcase your personality online and offline to connect with others in a meaningful way. Show your clients and your prospects that you are interested in them and selectively highlight your interests outside of work.

How to be interested:

  • Send Thank You cards.
  • Send Birthday cards.
  • Showcase client success stories.
  • Follow clients on Twitter and retweet their comments.
  • Follow clients on Facebook and comment on their posts.
  • Follow clients on their blogs and leave comments on their postings that resonate with you.
  • Recommend your clients on LinkedIn.
  • Ask questions.

How to be interesting:

  • Start a periodic newsletter and stay consistent with it.
  • Have a real picture of you on your website.
  • Commit to trying one new thing each month and write about your experiences on social media.
  • Invite clients to networking events and charity events.
  • Write blogs, guest posts, and other content.
  • Speak at events, trade shows and workshops.
  • Think and brainstorm new ideas.
  • Publicly celebrate interesting holidays with your clients.
  • Share trivia or interesting news about your market with your clients.

These are just a few ideas you can use to be both interested and interesting. I urge you to implement something from the list right away. Your ability to be profitable for yourself and your company depends on your ability to engage with clients. Engagement requires interest. Are people interested in you?

What’s one other way you have demonstrated interest to others?

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