Are you Implementing Anything?

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a ‘Reasons Not To’ checklist for you:

  1. That’s not the way we do things around here
  2. But, I’ve always done it this way in the past
  3. We’ve never done that before
  4. We tried that before (in 1812) and it didn’t work
  5. Nobody else in our business does it that way
  6. It doesn’t work in our kind of business
  7. It only works in a big city and we’re in a small town
  8. It only works in a small town and we’re in a big city
  9. It’s too expensive
  10. It’s too difficult
  11. It’s too much work
  12. Our business is too commoditized in that way
  13. My Sister-In-Law the cab driver says it will never work
  14. Are you, crazy? I’m too busy doing ‘X’ to do that too!

It’s just a partial list of all the ‘reason’s’ I have heard over the last 20 years from business owners, sales professionals and sales management when presented new ideas that will help them sell more, in less time at a higher profit

Because you have taken the time to invest in yourself by reading this blog I trust that you are not making excuses, even though I know the temptations are great. Temptation to retreat to the old and familiar ways of doing things. Temptation to give in to pressure or criticism by those around you rich with opinions but poor in knowledge. Temptation to give up after one miss-fire. Temptation to avoid standing out, or drawing attention to yourself. The temptations are plentiful.

I want you to know that everything presented by Engage in our coaching program, on our website, in our presentations and books is proven beyond any shadow of doubt, by thousands of sales professionals, in hundreds of different products and service and categories. From software sales to lumber yards to lawyers to retail stores to the staffing industry to landscape companies to home sitters to hotel sales and paint manufacturers there are an abundant number of sales professionals using my sales ideas and who have taught themselves to grow and maintain a profitable customer base.

Don’t hesitate in implementing new sales ideas we present. It’s the only way you can become more successful. In fact, I have noticed that implementation is a major difference between the successful and unsuccessful (and the rich and the poor for that matter).

Your action for this week:

Kick start your new year with fast action. Go back to  previous sales posts, lessons, articles, ideas etc that you have stock piled in your in-basket and review them for good ideas. Take action and implement. NOW! If you get out of the blocks fast in 2013 you are sure to finish ahead of the pack

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

Colleen Francis