Are You Growing the Right Clients?

NewBlogSept18How often do you track your growth accounts?

In order to be successful with your growth clients, you should be tracking them on a regular basis. More specifically, you should update yourself on their progress on a monthly basis.

This may seem counterintuitive, especially because I recommend tracking key accounts on a quarterly basis. But, there are four big reasons that I suggest tracking your growth accounts more frequently.

1. They Take The Most Work

Your growth accounts will often take the most time and effort from you. You can expect to see several moving parts with your growth clients because you often have to connect with multiple decision makers and engage multiple people within your own team as the account grows.

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2. They Can Become Key Accounts

Your growth accounts have the highest potential of becoming key accounts in the future. It’s important to nurture the relationships associated with these accounts so they can to grow to their full potential.

By not consistently and properly managing your growth accounts you may not keep them long enough to secure increased business from them.

3. They Create New Opportunities

Let’s face it – your growth accounts represent your best opportunities to create a perpetual boom in your sales results.

Combined with the new business you’re already bringing in, your growth clients can ensure that you hit all of your sales targets for the year.

4. They Need Care and Attention

Your growth accounts are also your newest accounts. Because of this, they need extra attention and care as you build trust with these new relationships. You must demonstrate to them that you are genuinely interested in helping them succeed and not just interested in their business so you can increase your own sales results.

Don’t neglect your growth accounts! It’s a big mistake to treat them like the rest of your clients. They require increased attention so don’t risk falling behind by not tracking them on a regular basis. Keep track of your growth clients and watch your sales grow!

How often do you track your growth accounts?

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