An Important Sales Alignment

You need to get familiar with this important sales alignment.

Did you know that customers that receive exceptional customer service are 86% more likely to reorder than those who have a subpar experience?

But, here’s the key, “exceptional customer service” goes far beyond just the typical concepts of “friendliness” or “trustworthiness” you hear thrown around at virtually every mention of customer service.

Customer service helping to increase sales

What truly great customer service requires in today’s market is an alignment between your selling process and the customer’s buying process, and thus making it easier for them to buy.

Let’s face it, customers hate being “sold to” and forced into a manipulative sales process that doesn’t align with the way that their organizations buy.

So, how can you make this key alignment? Just ask questions!

  • How do you do business around here?
  • Who else needs to be involved?
  • How will you go forward with recommendations?
  • Will purchasing be involved?
  • Will legal be involved?

These are the kinds of questions you want to ask early on in the sales process to get a better grasp of exactly how your prospective customer likes to do business.

Business conversations with prospective customers

Do not create an artificial sales process that forces your customer into conducting business with you in a way that makes them feel confused or uneasy.

When you make things familiar and accommodate your prospects and clients, they’ll want to do more business with you.