AA Finally Came Around

Good Evening Sales Pro!

Last time I spoke about my frustration with AA (American Airlines not the other AA in case you were wondering) and their lack of customer service at the Cleveland airport. I am happy to report that in the end….they did redeem themselves.

Despite a cancelled connecting flight in Chicago, they offered to out me up for the night in Cleveland because they could get me a nice hotel, attached to the airport so I didn’t have to be shuttled anywhere. Had I gone to Chicago, I would have had to travel away from the airport for miles to get a room. They also presented me with a choice of alternative routes home the next day and let me pick the one that was best for me.

I was impressed, had a good night sleep and arrived home safely the next morning. Yes it would have been better to arrive home a planned the night before. But hey, you can’t control the weather and given the circumstances I would have rather had a hotel in Cleveland then a bench at O’Hare airport that night.

Congratulations AA for bringing this customer service story to a happy ending.

We should all take a lesson from this. Make it easy for your customer to be happy with you. Give them choices so they feel involved in the process and when a crisis happens, provide them with convenience on their terms…not yours.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,