A Whale of a Celebration

A hump back whale breaching in the Atlantic Ocean

I was lucky enough to watch a pod of humpback whales pass by our beach yesterday. I was on the shore and you could easily see them off in the distance breaching continuously for 15 minutes or more.

Why do whales breach? Some say communication, to signal danger, a change in direction, or to woo a new mate. It could be to mark a territory, a menace, or simply to clean off pesky parasites and barnacles. Surely 40 tons of whale crashing into the Pacific would shake almost anything lose! Others say the breaching is to help the whales look around to see what’s on the horizon.

Could they have spotted me watching?

Lastly, whales can breach for entertainment. And given how long this pod was breaching, I choose to suspect that this is what they were doing. Alone, in the crystal blue Pacific, the sun shining, the waves calm. Entertaining themselves as they enjoyed their winter home, celebrating as a pod came together.

How often do you unabashedly celebrate and entertain. How often do you jump for joy? As an adult, I’m venturing a guess that your answer is “not enough.”

Pick something to celebrate today. I have no doubt that you have had at least one success. Focus on it, entertain it and celebrate it.

The more you focus on your successes, no matter how small, the more will come your way. <– Click to Tweet