A simple solution with HUGE benefits

While eating out (too much) last week it struck me that we have a simple solution to some tough problems in our grasp. It starts with…..

Restaurants cutting down on portion sizes which will:

  1. Increase their profit margins and allow them to expand and hire more people
  2. Help reduce the obesity problem which will lead to healthier people who rely less on the healthcare system
  3. Reduce food waste which will ensure food can be more equitable distributed to those other countries that need it more desperately than us
  4. Reduce the stress on the land that farmers are dealing with to produce more and more food, on less and less acres.

It all starts with portion control. We can create jobs reduce sickness and alleviate world hunger. I wonder what brave restaurant will be the first to take up the challenge?

Dedicating to making this your best year yet!