A Sales No No!!!

I just hung up the phone from a call I returned to a sales rep. She had left a message on my phone a couple days ago and not knowing if this was going to be a customer or a supplier call I decided to call back. The last thing I want to do is risk losing a potential customer because I don’t want to talk to a vendor. Besides really…what’s the worst that could happen. I suppose I could have an experience that I need to share! And that’s exactly what happened….

I called the company back and immediately received the person who called me. That’s a positive thing. I introduced myself and she said, “Oh Colleen Hi!” Like she knew me – that’s another good thing because I felt welcomed. Then it all fell apart.

She said….Give me a second……pause….”what is your last name?”. Then she spelled it. Then there was a pause…and then…. “oh and you are with Engage Selling right?….”

And finally….”Just gimee a second here, Oh yeah, well the reason I was calling…”

She was unprepared for the call and had to look me up to find out why she called me in the first place. This is a big No No! If your system is not sophisticated enough to immediately bring up the client’s file…don’t leave a message. You ruin your chances to make the sale when you have to stall, locate the client file and reconfirm who they are all while they are on the phone! You may as well be saying to your prospect “why are you calling me?”

You are better off to just keep calling them back until you reach them so you can be prepared!

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