A new and guaranteed opportunity for you to succeed

As you know, I’m an avid reader and researcher – I’m always looking for ideas I can use to give me and our business an edge. The other day, I read a fascinating research report from McGraw-Hill. They looked at companies the last time the economy was this bad – in the 1980-81 recession – and analyzed marketing investment versus sales results. McGraw-Hill found that by 1985, those that maintained their investment had sales that were 256% higher than those that cut spending during the recession.

Let me say that again: 256% higher. This is a key lesson for sales professionals and business owners: there is an incredible opportunity for those that are bold enough to invest in themselves. If you are ready to do more while your competition retreats and retrenches, then you will reap rich rewards.

This is precisely why I am so excited by the 2009 Engage Powerhouse Sales Event. I’ve assembled an all-star line up of speakers who will give you access to their secrets for every part of the sales process. These strategies are shovel ready: they can be put into practice literally the next day when you are back in the office.

From discovering new prospects and opportunities to delivering persuasive presentations to making sure a sale becomes a repeat customer, the Engage Powerhouse Sales Event will provide those who are truly ready to seize this opportunity with strategies to propel their sales to new heights – in any economy!

Warning! (A Cautionary Note)

I know that some of you are thinking that you can simply wait this recession out and hope everything will soon return to normal. I’m afraid that this Economy is the new normal and to succeed in the face of these challenges, you are going to need new strategies. That’s why this year’s Powerhouse Sales Event is the most important ever.

You might feel like you have other financial obligations of greater priority. Whatever your level of other money priorities, you should NEVER feel guilty (or let anyone make you feel guilty) about investing for your future. You deserve it. And what could be a more important, a more responsible investment than this.

Make sure you carefully read about our panel of experts and the very special offer I’ve provided with this letter. I know you will be excited! I’m so sure, I’m happy to give you an ironclad Guarantee against waste or loss or disappointment!

Now – please consider attending the Powerhouse Event April 27-28 in Ottawa

Dedicated to increasing your sale,