Better Sleep Means a Better Sales Leader

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Your health and wellness are important factors to consider if you want to increase your sales.

As you know, it’s tough to focus and get things done when you’re stressed or working on a lack of sleep! You might think nobody else notices your sleep deprivation and stress, but I promise your team can tell when their leader is feeling off!

Due to this, it’s so important to focus on you just as much as you focus on your sales team and your business.

When you’re staying in noisy hotel rooms, working late or pulling all-nighters, you must make an active effort to stay grounded and ensure that you’re not neglecting yourself for the sake of your team and your business! Remember, a sales team is only as good as their leader!

Granted, I’m not a medical professional, but the following tips have helped me get more rest which has resulted in a more focused and efficient version of myself.

1) Write Things Down

Before you go to bed, write down everything you need to do the next day. This may sound a little elementary…but it works!

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You will also have increased your organization during your work day because you will have all of your tasks written down. You will no longer have to rely solely on your memory to remember important assignments. The number of sales managers who commit important tasks to memory alone is too high. Make sure you’re not one of them!

2) Keep a Gratitude Journal

You may have heard of this tip from your favorite personal development guru, and it really does wonders for your personal and professional well-being!

Before you go to bed, write down ten things that you are grateful for happening that day, or that week. You can write about the big sale that you closed or that team member that went the extra mile this week.

Once you get your mind into a state of happiness and appreciation, you’ll fall asleep more easily.

3) Turn Off All The Lights

Sleeping in total darkness will help you fall asleep faster. This isn’t rocket science, but it’s neglected by many people.

Turn off the light, close the curtains and put your phone away or turn it off. Don’t allow bright lights or phone notifications to disrupt your sleep patterns.

Remember sales leaders, when you get better rest, you get better sales. When you’re managing an entire sales department, it’s easy to lose focus on yourself. Hard work is important, but don’t work yourself into exhaustion. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your sales team and your business as well!

What’s one tip you would provide a salesperson who needs to get more rest?

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