7 Steps to Getting More Sales in Less Time

Business graph growth There’s no denying that sales have changed over the past decade. In today’s fast-paced, socially connected world, it’s harder than ever to attract and sustain somebody’s attention for a long period of time. Selling is also far more relationship based than it used to be. Today, if you haven’t taken an effort to get to know your client, and given them the opportunity to get to know you, the entire authenticity of the sale can become compromised…and that’s never fun!

However, what may be more interesting than what has changed, is what hasn’t. Have you ever wondered why some people can’t manage to close a single sale, yet other people have based their entire (successful!) careers on their ability to sell? Some may call it luck or coincidence, others may think it takes a certain personality to close sales.

The truth is, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in sales, and that is the well-defined business habits that top sales performers have adopted, implemented and mastered to close their sales. The end goal is always more sales, in less time…now doesn’t that sound like music to your ears?!

Among those habits is the mastery of closing your sale every time!

While this mastery takes time, work and effort, ask yourself; are chart-topping sales important to you and your organization? If the answer is yes (which I bet it is!) then mastering this area, which have timeless, important and field-tested insights, will be well worth the time and energy and will serve to drastically improve your organizations sales.

Here are seven closing practices, designed to sell more in less time which you can implement immediately with your sales organization…I promise they’re really easy once you get the hang of it!

1) Know your maximum and minimum and move forward.

You need to know in advance of the sales call the maximum you expect out of the call versus the minimum level of commitment you need to obtain from the client or prospective client to close the sale. If you aren’t able to close the sale on the spot know how you’ll move the sale forward and document those next steps with dates and times. Mark these on your calendar.

2) Always start with a draft approach.

Never let the final proposal be the first proposal that your clients see. Prepare a draft approach and walk your client through it, point by point. Handle any objections here, don’t wait until later.

3) Know how decisions get made.

Who decides what? How many steps are there before a final decision is made? These are crucial questions, that if answered, can get you talking to the right people, at the right time.

4) Step Back.

Step back and look objectively at every qualified lead. You need to make sure you asking the right qualification questions. You need to ensure that you are operating on facts, not feelings on what you believe to be true about the client and their needs.

5) Make persistence your eternal flame.

Many people get discouraged when they think the sale is lost. Sales that seem completely hopeless can be easily salvaged at any point. Very rarely will you lose a sale forever, being persistent is key to closing a sale. Sometimes persistence can be tiring, but I assure you, it’s worth it!

6) Understand the why of no.

If you get a “no,” understand the meaning behind it. Ask probing questions to try and comprehend why there is resistance from your client.

7) Follow up rigorously.

Don’t just follow up when it feels right. Have a set schedule on when to follow up. Make it a schedule not a task or a chore and if you stick to it like clock-work, you will see the benefits of it in your sales!

Always remember that closing begins at the beginning of the sales conversation, not at the end, by then it’s often too late! If you build trust early on and follow the proven steps for sales success you’ll never have to resort to the tactics which often repel clients from doing business with you.

What are some of your best closing practices? We’d love to hear them! Please share in the comments below.