7 Simple Steps for Better Sales Presentations

Do you find yourself struggling when you have to present to a senior decision maker of a company?

I am often asked how salespeople can make this process simpler so I have created this 7-step plan to make it really easy for you to get through a presentation with high-level managers and/or officers.

1. Prepare!

You may have heard the common real estate adage; “location, location, location.” In sales, we have a similar saying; “prepare, prepare, prepare.”

I’m sure that you don’t regard presentations to top executives to be casual and friendly conversations but, it’s extremely important to give the customer the feeling that it is. iStock_000007534470XSmall
Without rigorous preparation, this is no easy feat. Once you have organized your notes and slides, try practicing to yourself as you do everyday tasks.

2. Begin At The End

Think of any advertisement for a product you see on television or a flyer. There’s never a picture of the factory where the product is created, only the product itself. Learn to apply this idea to your business as well. Never start a presentation with an introduction to your company. The first thing prospects want to know is what you can do to solve their problems or challenges. Try to begin with your conclusion. Start by reviewing the prospect’s issues, and what you can do to solve them.

3. Make The Connection

Don’t just list features of a product or service without linking them into a solution to the prospect’s issues. Doing so will not capture the prospect’s attention. Never assume the client will automatically make the connection themselves…they won’t. It’s your duty to connect the dots between the features and benefits for the customer. Use simple language to make the benefits appear vivid, attainable and real.

4. Talk About Price

It’s a grave mistake not to talk about price, especially when you have all of the high-level managers in front of you (and trust me…it doesn’t happen very often!). Don’t be intimidated if they demonstrate discomfort with the price you present, and don’t ignore it. Bring the issue to the forefront. Here’s an example that is upfront without being pushy:

“I sense you’re not comfortable with the price. May I ask why?”

By discussing their concerns, you resolve the issue on the spot!

5. List Your Specific Recommendations

Summarize your specific recommendations at the end of your presentation. Don’t put them in any random order. Prioritize them to demonstrate what you want your prospects to remember most. Be sure to offer proof to the decision makers. Don’t expect them to take your word for each of your claims.

6. Look Everyone In The Eye

This might seem overly simple but far too many sales people let their nerves get the best of them and shy away from eye contact. Looking your prospects in the eye will make your presentation more persuasive and believable.

7. Be Brief

The fewer words you use to get your point across, the better. When you’re clear, concise and focused on what the customer wants to hear, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of closing the deal. This is a perfect example where less is more!

Make your mark on the prospect by being in tune with how you act, showcasing your results and how you make them feel. <— Click to Tweet! These factors are what determine whether or not the prospect will buy from you.

Nobody wants to do business with somebody who is nervous and has no previous successful results.

What are some of your best-kept secrets for successful presentations with high-level decision makes? Share them with us in the comments!