5 Keys to Accelerating Your Sales Growth

Increase company sales concept. Businessman plan sales growth.

We’re now well into Q2. Are you ready to help your team accelerate their success?

I’ve been working with organizations and helping transform their sales teams for the last year. In all cases, these are companies looking to grow faster than the market and at an accelerated pace than their current growth path. Here are their keys to success:

1. Sales process transparency. In order to grow quickly, you must be able to see all deals in the pipeline. This includes new leads all the way through to the best qualified opportunities who have given verbal approval to go ahead. If you can’t see all the opportunities, you can’t effectively manage your team’s activities. <– Click to Tweet

2. Sales coaching. Does your team have the willingness and ability to grow? Meet with them 1:1 weekly to determine if the quality and the quantity of their work is sufficient to hit their targets. Have the guts to fire and replace those that will not make it.

3. Internal mentoring. Have your best mentor the rest. Why? Because you need to capture and replicate the best practices. You don’t need outsiders to train your team with new skills. You need to capture what’s already working now and harness it for the whole team to access.

4. Compensation that rewards acceleration. Pay for accelerated performance. Not simply for getting the baseline job (target) done.

5. Internal cooperation and communication. If you want to grow faster than the market you must transform all departments into profit centres. Train everyone that interacts with your customer in the art of opportunity spotting and customer loyalty and have them work with the sales people to interact with clients.