2 Critical Elements of Success and 2 Jokesters!

Chris and arrived back in Ottawa from Miami for the summer and the first order of business (after unpacking) was to get to the Harley Dealer and spring our bikes from storage.Picking up the Harley

It was such a beautiful Friday afternoon and the shop was buzzing. You can tell from the antics of the service crew behind me that they were having fun and loving every minute of serving their customers! Loving the work you do is one critical element for being an excellent seller.

Another is not being afraid of managing your numbers, in other words your sales pipeline, rigorously and objectively.  In this week’s article at Engage we show you an easy adjustment you can make to ensure revenue predictability. After you read it test your knowledge with the Quiz. I’ll be curious to know. Did you get the answer right or wrong?

Just before you click through  to the article, One last thing. I am a huge fan of the Top Dog sales books. Top Dog Sales Secrets and Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets were written by 50 top sales growth experts – including me! These books have helped thousands of sales professionals increase their sales and I encourage you to pick up copies for your summer reading.

Happy Victoria Day weekend to all our Canadian Subscribers! Enjoy your long weekend!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Dedicated to increasing your sales
Colleen Francis