10 Ways to Improve Your Non-Verbal Communication When you Work on the Telephone

  1. First, keep yourself in check by making sure that your body language, words, and are congruent with each other and the message you want to convey.
  2. Pretend to make eye contact with everyone on the demo. Picture them as if they were sitting across from you. It’s been said that there are only three degrees of difference between equality (looking squarely at someone), egotism (looking down your nose at someone), and insecurity (looking up at someone with a bowed head).
  3. Capture the atmosphere and spirit of the conversation, and match the other person’s mood. Stand, walk, or sit like you would if you were face to face with the prospect.
  4. Match their tone of voice. Vocal tone is comprised of pitch (high or low), speed (fast or slow), and volume (loud or soft). If those around you are speaking in quieter or more boisterous tones, do the same.
  5. Be genuinely excited and enthused. People are more easily influenced when they sense that you are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and interested in what you are sharing. So smile, and always look confident.
  6. Check your attitude problems at the door. Use your positive body language list to reposition your attitude until your mood improves.
  7. Know the audience you want to influence, and dress accordingly. If you know they are a suit crowd, wear a suit. If they’re a jeans and t-shirt crowd, choose something closer to that style. You’ll be surprised how quickly trust is built when you appear to be one of them.
  8. Smile!
  9. Listen, take notes and sit with your mouth closed