10 Lessons From Traveling

Airplane landing It’s been a busy start to the year, with me traveling to see clients all over the world and enough to achieve Platinum status already! Whew. While I’m looking forward to a two week stretch at home next week, I really enjoy seeing new places and working directly with clients. When travelling I try to observe my surroundings and be present as much as possible. When doing so, I discover lessons everywhere. Here are my observations from the last month.

1. Limo drivers who pick up at airports MUST have cellphone plans that can call international phone numbers.

2. It’s irritating to be standing in line at a hotel check in and see front desk staff on the phone not able to help the people standing in front of them. Move the phones behind the wall so we can’t see you on the phone. The perception you are creating by being on the phone is that the live customers are less important

3. Watching pilots, in uniform, go through airport security with a zip lock bag full of mini bottles of booze is frightening!

4. Hipster Sommeliers are irritating because the value to process of the wine making over the taste of the wine.

5. American Airlines International First Class service is exceptional. And oddly, sometimes cheaper than business class. Check it out.

6. Hotel room service should never delivered to a female guest‘s room by an employee with no uniform or no identification.

7. It’s free to address customers by name, yet very effective. On American Airlines flight 38, the flight attendants memorized our names by seat number before we got on board. We were all addressed by name from the minute we sat in our seats. – without them carrying  their flight manifest down the aisle.

8. Room service breakfast is worth it.

9. The Marriott Suites at O’Hare is an exceptional hotel for meetings. If you need something in the area, I highly recommend it.

10. Try, when at all possible, to add a few hours of personal time on every trip. Whether it’s just a dinner, a nap, a full day walking around, shopping, or the spa. Get out of of the hotel and observe the surroundings around you. You are a more successful person when you are a more interesting person.