10 Key Thoughts to Maximize Your Sales

I’d li MaximizingYourSales ke to share a few thoughts with you. When traveling, working with clients and in my everyday interactions, I am always staying receptive to potential lessons that could benefit you. 

In case you were wondering, here is what has been on my mind for the last week. Some of them may seem obvious at first, but the number of sales leaders who are neglecting these simple ideas is staggering. Don’t let it be you!

1. Money is not an accountability tool. People only get better when they involve others in their development and receive regular feedback on their progress.

2. If you can’t smile at people and enjoy conversing with anyone, you need to leave the sales business. Buyers have to “buy you” before they buy anything from you.

3. Logic makes people think, but emotion makes them buy. I think this is exactly what we are seeing with Donald Trump’s rise within the GOP.

4. As a leader, you can only help those improve who want improvement. Likewise, as a seller, you can only improve those buyers who are looking for improvement.

5. A number of leaders have admitted to me lately that their sales teams are not hitting their goals. The problem for many of them is that their teams don’t even know what the goals are. This is a common problem in family businesses or closely held companies. Owners keep the goals private because they wrongly assume they are personal and confidential. How can you expect your team to score if they don’t know where they should shoot?

6. Coaching is not for losers, it’s for winners. Nobody can get better on their own. <– Click to Tweet

7. The most successful sellers create an environment of the best leads, in the best-selling conditions with the best products for success. What are you doing to control your selling environment?

8. Get rid of the toxic people and customers in your business and your profits will soar. Last week a client of mine finally was brave enough to fire a toxic seller he had been carrying for over two years. Within a week, three customers rewarded him with increased orders because he had “finally ridden his company of that cancer.” (Yes, that was their exact quote!)

9. You have to live to fight another day. Never end a conversation with a buyer that leave a sour taste in their mouth. Win or lose, you need to create an environment where they want to see you again.

10. And finally: Why is nobody concerned when marketing is doing an excellent job qualifying leads so that they are 60% through the sales process before sellers interact with them, yet closing ratios are still hovering around 30%. Have marketing advancements outpaced sales advancements?

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