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November 2014: Nonstop Sales Boom earns Amazon Editors' Favorite »

Nonstop Sales Boom earns prestigious Amazon Editors' Favorite Award for 2014

Nonstop Sales Boom earns prestigice Amazon Editors' Favorite Award for 2014

OTTAWA, CANADA - 10 November 2014. Today announced that Nonstop Sales Boom by Colleen Francis has received its "Amazon Editors' Favorite Books of the Year" award for 2014.

From Amazon: "we collect all our favorites, look at upcoming 2014 titles, and cast our ballots for the Best Books of the Year. The titles that made our lists are the keepers, the ones we couldn't forget."

For more information on Nonstop Sales Boom, visit

September 2014: Release of Nonstop Sales Boom by Colleen Francis »

Contact:  Irene Majuk 212-903-8087/ 

Stop the Quarterly Sales Quota Scramble with a Steady Flow of Engaged Customers

Powerful Strategies to Drive Consistent Growth
Quarter after Quarter, Year after Year

Lurching back and forth between sales highs and lows, quarter after quarter, year after year, boom-and-bust sales cycles are all too often considered the norm. Wildly fluctuating sales performance infects the sales force with desperation resulting in bad decisions, causes team stress and turnover, and a loss of confidence from management and investors.

The widely recognized authority on sales growth, Colleen Francis diagnosed that cured this boom-and-bust behavior in countless companies of all sizes and specialties. In NONSTOP SALES BOOM: Powerful Strategies to Drive Consistent Growth Year after Year (AMACOM; August 2014; $17.95 Paperback), she shows sales professionals and leaders how to identify the causes of their roller-coaster results and prescribes an actionable plan to creating a steady flow of growing sales. "The good news," Francis assures her readers, "boom-and-bust sales can be readily fixed."

Why have companies come to accept inconsistent results from sales teams and sales team members alike? Before dispensing the cure, NONSTOP SALES BOOM demystifies the cause. For example, in the all-consuming rush to close deals at the end of the quarter or year, key activities fall by the wayside. And when activities like lead qualification and account management suffer, the seeds are sown for bad results down the line—in effect, creating a self-imposed vicious cycle where results vary significantly from quarter to quarter.

To overcome lurching from highs to lows, NONSTOP SALES BOOM demonstrates how sales teams can actively nurture the four critical stages of client engagement: attraction, participation, growth, and leverage and how to manage them with the innovative Sales Radar™ tool. Filled with enlightening examples of outstanding customer-focused companies, as well as hazardous habits and traps to avoid, chapters prescribe strategies to help sellers:

  • Attract a steady flow of promising prospects by exploring new pathways for prospecting (including viral marketing), using delighted customers as evangelists, and exclusively selecting and appealing to the most lucrative future customers.
  • Swiftly turn first-time prospects into customers before by eliminating roadblocks before they’re erected, offering new customers immediate value, and winning their trust by inviting and empowering them to become zealots.                          
  • Sustain sales revenue growth by investing in the most valuable customers. Regularly offer them new sales opportunities. Cement their loyalty through incentives and perks. At the same time, save energy and money by “firing” low-value, high-hassle clients.               
  • Leverage a solid client base by rewarding the best customers (it pays to play favorites!) and appreciating their true worth beyond what they buy. Convert delighted customers into referral generators. Support the creation of intimate customer communities.

For everyone with a stake in a healthy sales organization—from the Executive VP of Sales to mid-level managers, from small business owners to dedicated sellers—NONSTOP SALES BOOM delivers a proven prescription for reliable revenues, backed by strong customer relationships and a satisfying work environment.

About the Author

COLLEEN FRANCIS is the founder and president of Engage Selling Solutions ( ) a consulting firm widely sought-out for its sales coaching and training programs. Her clients include Merck, Hilton, Chevron, Royal Bank of Canada, Dow AgroSciences, Adecco, Trend Micro, and many other leading organizations. A highly respected thought leader on sales, she was selected as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers of 2013 by Open View Sales Labs. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.  Follow Colleen on Twitter @EngageColleen.

June 2013: Colleen Francis Named Openview Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2013 »

Colleen Francis Named Openview
Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2013

OTTAWA CANADA, 17 June 2013 – For the second year in a row, Colleen Francis has been awarded the prestigious “Top 25 Sales Influencers” for 2013 by Openview Partner Labs. Each year Openview highlights the most active and influential sales thought leaders online. For the full list, visit Openview Partners.

Feb 2013: Colleen Francis Earns Prestigious Top5 Speaker Designation in Sales »

Colleen Francis Earns Prestigious Top5 Speaker Designation

OTTAWA CANADA, 1 February 2013 – Colleen Francis has been awarded the prestigious “Top5 Speaker” designation in 2013 by Speakers Platform, one of the United States most prominent speakers bureaus   Out of hundreds of nominees, Colleen has risen to become one of the world’s most respected and compelling speakers in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Each year, Speakers Platform recognizes five speakers, within ten popular topic areas, based on: expertise, professionalism, presentation skills, original contribution to the field and public votes cast at the Web site.  Over 11,000 votes were cast from business leaders, educators, association members and others from around the world for the 2013 nominees.

This award reflects Colleen's ongoing contribution to businesses, helping them design, implement and hone their sales teams to seize market opportunities. Whether designing strategy to target a new market or working with sales team to improve their productivity, Colleen gets results. "I am honored to receive this award from;" said Colleen Francis, "it's a testament to how businesses today truly committed to implementing new strategies for an edge in this competitive marketplace."

Colleen has been previously distinguished as a Certified Sales Professional (C.S.P.), is a past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

For more information about the Top5 Speaker award and/or to schedule an interview with Colleen, please call 1-877-364-2438 or email

Feb 2012: Colleen Francis Named to Consulting Hall of Fame »

Four Named to Million Dollar Consulting Mentor Hall of Fame

Four outstanding consultants from diverse disciplines and three countries have been inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, as announced at a ceremony at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach conducted by Alan Weiss, PhD, the globally-acclaimed “consultant’s consultant.” Criteria for membership in this elite group are:

  • Serving as an exemplar to others in the profession.
  • Manifesting the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and accountability.
  • Achieving significant annual revenue and profit improvement.
  • Contributing intellectual capital to the consulting profession.
  • Engaging in continuing, challenging, personal and professional development.
  • Taking prudent risk and demonstrating resilience.

The inductees and an excerpt of their citations are:

Patrick Daly, Managing Director of Alba Consulting in Dublin, Ireland is an expert in supply chain management and rapid, profitable growth. He has worked with top companies Europe, Asia, and the Americas, helping to improve return on capital while reducing risk and complexity. He has consistently presented profound case studies to colleagues to assist in their learning as he acquires new clients and challenges.

Colleen Francis is the founder of Engage Selling Solutions, a global leader in sales improvement with offices in the U.S. and Canada. A superb speaker and trainer, she implements internal accountability systems to perpetuate growth and sustain improvement. She has researched the successful habits of the top ten percent of sales professionals in a wide diversity of fields and has synthesized those techniques into powerful results for her clients.

Alex Goldfayn, founder of the Chicago-based Evangelist Marketing Institute, and known as “the technology tailor,” is the author of the new book, Evangelist Marketing. A former Chicago Tribune columnist and Fox television personality, he creates exponential growth through compelling language, mining customer insights, and targeted marketing. He enables clients to rapidly create loyal, passionate, and “evergreen” customers, who in turn attract more customers. He builds brands from scratch and turbo-charges current brands.

Wayne McKinnon, of Ottawa, is the Information Technology Coach, and has constantly reinvented his business to alter clients’ evolution by working with their “corporate DNA.” He focuses on improving operational effectiveness, rapidly deploying change, and eliminating internecine strife. His clients cite him for fast, profound work, and he is known for incorporating IT components is a strategic manner to further corporate goals. His approaches are non-conventional and immediately effective.

The announcement was made in front of a capacity crowd during a three-day event, where Dr. Weiss noted, “These people are readily acknowledged by their world-class peers to be fitting inductees. I’m proud to have been associated with all of these people.” The award inscription included the notation of “…the distinction of being regarded by peers as one of the world leaders in consulting, as evidenced by empirical accomplishments in client results, professional contributions, and intellectual property.”

Honorees are chosen from the global participants in the Private Roster Mentor Program. The Hall of Fame and all members can be found here:

More details can be found on the Summit Consulting Group, Inc. web site:

Nov 2011: Colleen Francis Named to Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame »

Colleen Francis Named to Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame

Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions, Inc. is Youngest Inductee,
Recognized for On-Going Contributions to the Speaking Profession

TORONTO, Nov 30, 2011 – In a ceremony yesterday at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) National Convention, Colleen Francis was named as the 2011 inductee to the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognizes speakers both for their excellence as professional speakers and for their contribution to the profession.

Colleen Francis becomes the 25th and the youngest inductee into the Hall of Fame which was established to recognize outstanding excellence as a professional speaker and dedication to the professional speaking industry by educating others to excel. Members are selected by their peers in recognition of their contributions.

In her 10 years as the Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions (, Colleen has established an international reputation as a speaker, trainer and consultant, helping organizations transform their business with sales strategies that get results – in any economy. Sales and Marketing Management Magazine named Engage Selling “one of the top 5 sales training organizations in the market today”.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be recognized by my fellow professionals. Considering the talent and impact the association has on individuals and businesses everywhere, it is truly an honour.” said Colleen who addressed the convention during the induction ceremony.

Following her successful career as a sales executive, Colleen founded Engage Selling and joined the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Over the next decade, Colleen was an enthusiastic member, serving in leadership position including as National Convention Chair and the Association’s President in 2008.

Kit Grant of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame noted: “The Hall of Fame serves to provide recognition to those professional speakers who have demonstrated excellence in speaking and their impact to clients and the speaking profession. Inductees provide leadership for CAPS members on building their own businesses and serving their clients and community.”

About Engage Selling Solutions Ltd.
Engage Selling Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of sales training, coaching, events and other business growth products. Colleen Francis is Founder and President of the 10-year-old company that Sales and Marketing Management Magazine has called “one of the top 5 most effective sales training organizations in the market today.” Engage is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Engage Selling Solutions with its U.S. office in Miami, Florida. For more information, visit: