Your Clients’ Perception is Your Reality

Perception is a funny thing. This week in Miami, they warned of an “arctic front” and when Chris and I woke up to 40F (10C) temperatures yesterday, we threw on our shorts, sandals, (OK…and a fleece) and went out to walk Conrad. The locals were out in parkas, On the Beach!scarves, toques and gloves! Last night we hit the beach, and although it was not full summer heat (it was after 6:00PM), it was warm enough for shorts. Well…warm enough for us Northerners. The locals were bundled up. Look at my photo. Do I look cold? (Look closely and you can see the surfers in the background… and yes, those are my dog-walking jeans!) Meanwhile in Ottawa, it was something akin to minus 100 degrees and snowing, so I am sure my perception of an “arctic front” is different than those in south Florida. The way I see things, I am happy with dips to 40F because, well, at least it’s not -40F!

The same point about perception applies to the economy. Currently we have Lead-Up Platinum clients such as Donald and Chris who are reporting increases in business this year, and others such as Peter who have already hit their quota for the year ending December 31st. Clearly, their perception is that this economy has been great for their business. It has been for mine, too, and I believe it can be for yours as well. Yesterday, I posted this video “Everything is Perfect and Nobody’s Happy” to my Facebook page. I think it’s a good lesson in perception. Watch it.

In sales, we rely on the perception that our prospects have of us. And the best way to enhance how others perceive you is to have your current clients talk positively about you in the marketplace. Third-party endorsements and positive client reviews always enhance your image. That’s why testimonials are the most important kind of marketing proof. This week’s we posted an article that shows you how to use testimonials in this economy to increase your sales. Read up, and implement! If you are interested in a link to the full Nielsen Study we mention, check out our blog . It was posted last Friday.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,