The Perfect Sales Process

RefreshBlogAugust5th (2)“How do I build the perfect sales cycle or the perfect sales process?”

If you find yourself asking this question, you may be in for a dissapointment when you hear my answer. I’m often asked questions like this and while I wish I could provide better news, there’s no such thing as the perfect sales process. You simply can’t build or replicate a perfect system to unleash on your entire market and be guaranteed success.

The truth is, the best advice for a salesperson who wants to create the “perfect” sales process is to simply make their processes more flexible. ← Click To Tweet

As you know, every sale is different. Every client has their own needs and desires and each product has their own features and benefits. Because of this, there is no static sales process that can be used to accommodate the plethora of different requirements in your market.

However, there are steps you can take to increase your chances for success with your sales processes:

1. Address the needs of your new customers

When you’re first getting to know a new client, it’s important to first understand their needs. Your sales process should address these needs and demonstrate how they will be met. Never try to sell to a new customer based on assumptions, always move forward with facts!

2. Address the needs of your existing customers.

Just because you already have a working relationship with an existing customer does not mean that you shouldn’t reevaluate and stay updated with their needs and desires. Be sure to check in with your clients periodically to ensure their needs are still being met. You may be surprised by the amount of upsell opportunities that exist within your current client base.

3. Address the needs of your market or industry

Have a solid grasp on industry trends and attempt to stay ahead of the game by evaluating issues in your industry that your product or service can solve. If you’re an industry expert, you can often advise and educate customers by helping them address problems they may not even realize they are facing (or will face in the future).

When you undertake all three of the steps I’ve outlined for you, your organization can accelerate revenue and profit. Remember that there is no “perfect” sales process! By keeping your processes flexible and addressing your clients’ needs, you are actually increasing your chances for success much more than a static or “perfect” sales process ever could.

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  1. So true points. I am a digital marketer and recent entrepreneur. I completely agree on all the three points you pointed out here. Yes, understanding the audience, their needs, preferences are the very basic but important things of sales and marketing and preparing marketing blue print accordingly is another crucial factor. Regular conversation with customers and resources, trial & errors and through analysis of available data can give really awesome results in real time conversions.

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