Learning While Doing: Your Secret Weapon | Sales Tips

I’m a big fan of using your best to mentor the rest. One of the other things that I’m a huge fan of is learning by doing. So, what exactly does this mean and how can you harness its power in your organization?


Your Manager Doesn’t Have to be Your Coach | Sales Tips

Recently, I was pulled aside at a sales meeting by a couple of sales reps who said, “This is all great, Colleen, but my manager won’t coach us.  He won’t take the time to help us develop our skills. What should I do?  I mean I can’t get better because I can’t be coached.”


Do You Know Why You’re Good? | Sales Tips

My business mentor and good friend, Alan Weiss and I can agree on one thing. It doesn’t matter that you know your good, it matters that you know why you are good in the first place. Top sales people and sales managers don’t look at this closely enough. I believe that you only get better by building on your strengths and in order to be successful this year, you should understand what those strengths are. One of the hardest things that we can do as sales leaders is become conscious of what the top sales performers do subconsciously. Many top sales people will say, "I don’t know, I just go out there and win the deal." Well, we need to become conscious of all of those steps that either we do along the way as top sales performers and managers. So ask yourself, or your top sales reps these questions:

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