Will You Build Your Relationships in 2018?

Is your sales team doing enough to build their current relationships? When you close a sale with a new client, you create a new relationship that needs to be nurtured. All too often, salespeople make a sale and then move to the next prospect. When a salesperson continues this trend long term, their client retention is going to fail...it’s inevitable! I hope you’re helping your team think ahead and make a plan to increase their sales in 2018. But, as you know, client retention is just as important as client acquisition. Here are a few tips to help you maintain and build your current relationships in the New Year. Be sure to pass this information off to your entire sales team so that they can develop their relationships:

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Gift Giving Confusion

This is one season that can cause a lot of confusion for many salespeople. No - not confusion with their sales, but with the idea of giving gifts to their clients. “What should I buy my clients?” “Can I give them gifts?” “Should I even acknowledge them during the Christmas season?” Do any of these questions sound familiar? You've probably asked them at some point...either out loud or to yourself!

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