How A Different Definition Can Reap Big Benefits

You may find it interesting that our top sales performers we work with here at Engage Selling Solutions all look at closing a deal in an unconventional way. Where many people tend to consider a deal closed when a signature is quickly jotted at the end of a contract, top performers only consider a deal closed when the client is using the product and is fully enabled. ← Click To Tweet Once you start looking at closing in this new light, it begins to reap a wide array of benefits.

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Focus On The Whole Pipeline!

Is your business experiencing wild swings in revenue? Contrary to popular belief, putting too much emphasis on closing business is actually counterproductive to increasing your revenues. Every time you close a sale you should be adding three to four more leads to your pipeline. When you’re concentrating too much on closing business it detracts focus from gaining new leads. Before long, you will have no new leads to close business with, and this is what causes swings in revenue or sales whiplash, as I like to call it! Don't worry, dear sellers, there are ways to avoid having this. Are you wondering how you can attain consistent revenue?

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