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Good Morning,

I recently signed up on facebook…yes I am a bit behind. In my defence I was born in the 70’s and facebook usually caters to the “younger demographic”…or so I thought. I was surprised to me how many business associates, and friends had already joined. Immediately I have been connected to a friend who I lost touch with 7 years ago, who now runs an Internet company . I good friend from high school I have not seen since 1987 recently reached out to me who is a recording artist in NYC and 2 girls I used to play soccer with who are now in Ottawa – where I am – working for the government. All highly successful,dynamic people… givers!

So far, I have made plans to get together with 3 of them face to face.

I am also on linked-in and have developed a fairly large network of people who I have recommended and have recommended me. I have done nothing with linked in yet….

All this on line social networking is interesting and fun,but are they just a distraction or can they lead to real business connections and sales? I am going to try. A couple of my facebook friends are people that I can help by connecting them to other I know. Remember its give first. This week I endeavour to reach out to all my new, old friends and see if there is some way I can help them growth their business. The more people I can help, the better.

I figure that since sales is all about connection, and tools like facebook and linked in are focused on connecting people why not give them a try! They can be just another tool kin your prospecting tool belt. Use social networking sites to reconnect with past clients, friends and colleagues and then pick up the phone, call them, get together, rebuild a true connection.

You already know that you should be expanding your network everyday if you want to be successful. I say, use every tool possible to do that. What have you got to lose for trying?

Dedicated to increasing your sales
~ Colleen

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  1. Hey there Colleen,

    I think a good thing for you to do on LinkedIn is to search for sales related questions… and answer some of them.

    Your blog has been a treasure chest for me, so I’m sure there are several other folks on LinkedIn who would benefit from your sales expertise as well. And when you answer some questions you just may open the doors for some great business contacts.

    Just a thought.

    Have a good one,


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