Social Media and the Sales Process

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Cheryl Cran reports in her Bold Leader Blog that:

“The Financial Post stated that Facebook could surpass Google in terms of worldwide unique visitors to their websites by late 2011 or early 2012. Facebook is now considered to be a starting point for more users on the web. 45% of monthly users go directly to Facebook as their starting page, up from 39% a year ago. (RBC Capital Markets).

Social media is definitely taking on a whole new level of interest with the current economic reality.  Could it be that people are using their online time to reach out a little more rather than aimless googling?

Interestingly Google is now driving 64% of Facebook’s unique visitors, up from 51% a year ago according to Comscore data.

Facebook and Twitter are now being used as recruiting tools as well, Martin Perelmuter of Speakers Spotlight www.speakers.carecently hired 2 new staff directly from Facebook.  Erica Ehm of reports that she just hired 2 new staff via Twitter. When I asked her how she did it Erica said:

“I needed to hire 2 new people for my site.A virtual administrative assistant and a Social Media Administrative Assistant. I posted tweets calling out for submissions. I used twitter because my biz in online and I want to find people who already are comfortable in the online virtual world. Got several responses.But there were two women who started retweeting me, chatting with me and taking the time to be involved in online even before getting interviews. Their interactivity and self motivation was a big part of why I hired them.”
Social media is the new ‘real time’ connector and we haven’t even touched what Second Life can offer as possibilities. “
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