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Need More Time for Selling? Here You Go…

The scarcest resource for sales professionals at every level is time. So when you hear we’ve got 10+ hours of actionable tips from the best sales execs in the industry at Inbound Sales Day, you might think that time is better spent on the phone and selling.

The thing is, every session we’ve got lined up with world-class sales professionals is laser-focused on saving you time and making you more money. A couple hours spent learning how you can improve your sales process now will pay off in the long run when you see the $$$ rolling in.

Here are 7 key takeaways you’ll miss if you don’t tune in:

Inbound Sales Day 2016

Maybe you’re 100% perfect at your job. Maybe your pipeline is always overflowing with hot leads, you never have to place a cold call or send a cold email, your sales cycle is complete in a matter of days, and you’re obliterating your quota every single month.

If that’s the case, please tell us what you’re doing! However, from my experience, chances are you know you can do better.

At Inbound Sales Day, we’ve got over 20 short and highly practical online training sessions lined up to help you sell more, sell faster, and sell smarter. All for free. No BS—just proven playbooks and tactics from sales leaders, including myself, that have executed them and found huge success. We’re all going to be sharing our top secrets with you, for FREE.

Time is running out on registration. Reserve your spot now!

But hey, if everything is already going perfectly, I’d suggest you skip all of this. Otherwise, sign up, show up, and get ahead of the curve. Reserve your seat for Inbound Sales Day now.

Why Your Reps Are Selling Less | Sales Tips

Seeing a decreasing trends among your reps? This could be why.

Want to drastically increase sales in your organization? Pick up your copy of Nonstop Sales Boom.

Is Your Sales Team Managing Their Pipeline?

Taking the occasional peek at the sales pipeline is not effective pipeline management.

Managing and reviewing the sales pipeline helps salespeople prioritize what activities to complete each month, it also gives them an accurate indication of how healthy their sales pipeline truly is.

Here are a few steps for you to consider and that you can pass on to your sales force so that they can efficiently manage their pipeline:


Want to Close More Sales? Stop Closing Sales

Did you just do a double take? Stop closing sales…isn’t that counter-productive to our sales success?

You heard me right. Salespeople should not be attempting to “close” sales with clients.

It’s all in the definition. Closing is something you do to a person. While it may just be a term, the language is completely one-sided. It implies that you are going entirely for the win regardless of what’s right for the customer.

Salespeople who approach prospects with this kind of self-benefiting mentality are almost never successful in their long-term endeavors. Depending on their abilities and experience, they may, in fact, convince the prospect to do business with them, but long-term, mutually beneficial relationships are rarely ever fostered. This breed of selling creates the “pushy” and “aggressive” stigma that clouds our entire industry. It puts everyone, including well-wishing, value-focused salespeople at a clear disadvantage with prospects.

You want to instill a win-win mindset in your team. Your business hasn’t truly won unless your clients are gaining incredible value by working with you.

Sales closing techniques that have amusing terms or names are often methods that you should not be using. For example:


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