Making Money Monday: The Show Must Go On!

February 6th, 2012

My best clients thrive in adversity. They adapt. They don’t judge an idea on the surface, they try it out, test it, measure the results, and then decide if it works, or not. They are successful because they change and they try new things.

This week I was onsite with amazing clients in Bismarck, ND. Arguably much colder than Miami and the desire to wear boots and a fleece overwhelmed. Regardless, when a foot injury affected my ability to put shoes on and stand, I adapted. Wearing flip flops with tights and a dress! I made it work, tested the results; in the feedback we received did extraordinarily well during the session! 4.8/5 for the day. Plus I learned another invaluable lesson:

Clients care less about the shoes you wear and more about the results you bring. (PLEASE I beg of you. Don’t tell Chris. I have a trip planned to DSW this weekend and have my eyes on a couple new pairs of stilettos that I need.)

Can’t say the Haviania’s will become a regular part of my work ensemble (although they were comfortable) but the willingness to adapt will always remain. This week we are adapting our newsletter too. Rather than our usual article I thought you would benefit from a podcast I recently recorded on the common traits of our most successful clients at Engage. We have included the transcript below.

Enjoy the change, and use it to inspire one thing this year that will change your results.

Dedicated to making 2012 your best year yet!



P. S. If you’ve not watched it yet, make sure you watch our webinar: Creating a Culture for Sales Success. You’ll see the four key strategies to ensure your sales team has their best year yet in 2012. Just click here:


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