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November 25, 2016

So I work with a lot of companies who aren’t big enough to have both a sales team and a marketing team. And you know what? That’s okay because especially in today’s selling environment, the very best sales people are also really strong marketers.

Today’s salespeople know how to market themselves. They know how to market their company. They know how to market their products and they know how to market their brands. That’s what you should be looking for if you’re a business that’s too small to build a full capacity team of salespeople and marketers, combine the two.

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These will be the sales reps who are great at positioning themselves as experts of their field. They are superb networkers both online and offline. They never miss a chance to ask for a referral and  have a history of growing their existing base of business to increase the number of products and services that they have inside those existing accounts.

So they’re both hunters and farmers to use some common vernacular. Don’t worry if you don’t have an opportunity to build a specialty team in marketing and a specialty team in sales. You can bring  both together if you look for sellers who have a successful history of both hunting for new business and farming their existing business.

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2 responses to “Kickstart Your Sales & Marketing Team | Sales Tips”

  1. Barry Hall says:

    Great tips and advice as usual Colleen. Many thanks – Barry.

  2. Mike Lawrence says:

    What great advice for a small business

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