Join me on the Love Sex Business Teleseminar!

Very soon I will be speaking for the Love, Sex and Business Tele-Seminar series and I would love for you to join me. When you attend this tele-seminar you will hear from the most inspiring, motivating and high achieving speakers who reveal steps and secrets to managing your business and keeping your marriage and relationship healthy at the same time. Listen to those who have gone before us – creating successful businesses and strong marriages together. You can attend this event live in your home or office via easy to use webinar or tele-seminar. And the best part is you don’t have to pay a cent for it….

If you work with your spouse, or want to work with your spouse  I encourage you to attend. On this call you will hear from many work / life partners who have found a way to succeed in business and in life together.  For example, from me, you will learn about how my husband Chris Chris Voice left his corporate executive job as a CTO for a publicly traded software firm (and his nice 5 figure salary with benefits!) to join me as an equal partner at Engage Selling Solutions 3yrs ago.  It hasn’t been all easy and I plan to be truthful on this call about what it takes to be profitable and happy together!

Join us at Love, Sex and Business Tele-Seminar


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