How Do you See Value?

It’s my experience that most sellers confuse the value to the customer with the products and services being sold.

Value is defined as results or output.

Products or services being sold are inputs.

While you may love your inputs, think you sell the greatest products since cold beer  and can point to a 1000 uses for you latest and greatest widget or service offering, your clients only cares about the results those inputs bring to their business or life. Service or product, it doesn’t matter. in short, your clients only value results.

Some general examples:

  • Selling desktop software? Your client values improved productivity
  • Selling meeting planning services? Your client values increased meeting attendance (or lower meeting costs)
  • Selling real estate? Your client values a quick sale at 100%+ of the asking price
  • Selling consulting services? Your client values and increase in performance, morale, sales or improved leadership (what ever your specialty will bring)
  • Selling temporary staffing services? Your client values a workforce that shows up on time, is reliable and productive

Your job is to approach every meeting thinking about how you can make the client or the client’s situation better. Do not approach the meeting thinking about how you can sell a product or service (input). Prepare for every meeting by equipping yourself with the right questions to uncover the buyers challenges and desired results. Start with questions on:

  • What their biggest challenge is (related to how you can help).
  • What they have tried so far to resolve that challenge?
  • How that solution worked (or didn’t)?
  • What they see as the best solution now.
  • How a solution would benefit them
  • What other benefits (besides the direct ones you can help with) would come as a result of them resolving this challenge?

Stop thinking of value as your product and start thinking about value as results. You will be a step ahead (and many sales ahead) of your competition all year.

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