Helping Buyers Buy

People are always asking me how to close sales. The simple truth is, don’t close. Let the client close for you. How is this possible? Only by asking questions.

Here are two ideas:

1) If the client conversation ends with them making a statement I close by asking question. Either “Where do we go from here?” or “What should we do next?” are my favorites.

2) If the client asks me a question that is a clear buying signal, I respond with a question to confirm the sale. In other words, after I get the prospect’s signal that confirms that the prospect wants to buy what I’m selling, I confirm with another question.

It’s not as complicated as I just made it sound. Here are some examples of confirming questions:

  • “Do you have model A?” Is this the model you want? If the prospect says yes, all I have to do now is find out when he wants delivery, and I’m finished.
  • “Does it come in black?” “Would you like it in black?
  • “Can you deliver on Tuesday?” “Is Tuesday the best day for you to have it delivered?”
  • “How many are in stock right now?” “How many do you need?”
  • “When do I have to place my order?” “When do you want to have the product delivered?”
  • “How soon can someone be here?” “When do you need to have it?”

Asking questions to close a sale ensures the customer feels it’s their idea to buy. They don’t leave the transaction feeling pushed cajoled or manipulated. This means they’ll be back to re-order when the need arises.

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