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May 5, 2017

In a previous video, we talked about the concept of learning by doing instead of learning through a training workshop or a facilitated training event. I was recently at an extended leadership team meeting for one of my best clients and he had all of his sales managers there. We introduced a quick concept to them around proper account planning and management.

After the meeting, I approached him and said, “Do you think we should do some training on this? Should we work with a bigger team? Should we customize this to meet your needs to make sure that it really resonates with the team?”

And he said, “Absolutely not, Colleen. We need to treat the team like adults. I want them to take this, embrace it, and roll with it in the field right away because the best and the brightest will adapt it to their needs and the needs of the company. The best value that you can add to our team is to go in 90 or 120 days later and assess the results. Pick out what’s working, and find the pinch point. We’ll go from there to improve.”

I think that this is a great sales acceleration tool and I’m excited to be working with them on this project this year. So I encourage you to think about this. What key concepts could you introduce to your team and just let them run with it, wait a few months, and then measure the results?

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Doing this kind of learning by doing with your team will accelerate your sales result in 2017.

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