Business building

My goal has always been to never let a day go by without reaching out to at least 1 new potential customer and 1 current customer. I was thinking about this goal today because many of my coaching clients seam to go days, or weeks without doing anything to generate new business. If you are not continually looking for new people to talk to about what you sell…how can you grow your business? Top performers are disciplined. They do things everyday without fail that are focused on finding people to talk to, talking to them and converting them to customers.

Do yourself a HUGE favour. Get into the habit of not leaving the office, or not going to bed, without completing at least 1 business development task. A letter, and email, a card or a voice mail. It doesn’t take much….and it will yield huge long term profitable results.

You are right. This is not rocket science. 3 simple tasks are all you need to focus on everyday in order to have your business soaring. The hard part is the discipline to do it everyday. To make it easier, and to ensure success, I suggest you do your business building activities first thing in your day. Our clients have shown that the morning is a more productive sales time because there are fewer distractions, both in your day and the prospects resulting in more “reaches” and conversations.

I’m curious. How many new people do you reach out to everyday, without fail?